Lasting Power of Attorney: Your Voice. Your Decision.

19 February, 2024

If you lose the ability to make certain decisions, a lasting power of attorney keeps those decisions with the people you trust.  

A lasting power of attorney, or an LPA, makes it easier for the people you trust to support you when you need it most. It could be temporary help with your decisions during a short hospital stay, or support to manage decisions around your health and care in the longer-term.

You may think your partner or close family members can make decisions for you if you’re not able to, but this is not the case. If they had to pay your bills or make a choice about your care, they would need legal authority to do so.

A lasting power of attorney lets people you trust quickly and easily step in when you need it most. It not only gives you a voice, it protects your decisions. 

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Lasting power of attorney – Your Voice, Your Decision – Your voice, your decision


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