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Throughout August, Aneurin Bevan Health Board have been drawing attention to diabetes.

Would you like to learn more about diabetes?

The link below will take you to the recent spotlight on newsletter from Aneurin Bevan Health Board focussing on issues around diabetes.

Spotlight ON News ISSUE 5


Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council (CHC)

The community health council is the health watchdog for Gwent.

Aneurin Bevan Community Health Council (CHC) form a local link between those who run the National Health Service in Wales and those who use it.  Aneurin Bevan CHC has 28 Full Members and 13 Co-opted members, consisting of volunteer representatives of the local community.  All members, excluding co-opted members are appointed by the Minister for Health and Social Services with one quarter nominated by the Local Authority, one quarter from the Voluntary sector and one half selected directly by the Minister.
CHCs are the independent consumer council for the NHS.  They were set up in 1974 to monitor and review the operation of local health services and to recommend improvements.  CHCs have a legal duty to represent the interests of the patient and the public in the NHS.
  • Monitors the quality of local service
  • Makes suggestions for improvements in the standard of health care
  • Acts as the patients’ advocate by giving advice, information and assistance when making a complaint
  • Listen to your comments
  • Listening to public and patient views
  • Undertaking independent surveys to find out the views of the patient and the public
  • Involving people in local consultations
  • Responding to consultation on changes to local health services
  • Recommending improvements to local services
The Public are welcome to attend the following Council meetings:
  • To view a full list of Community Health Council meetings please see  Calendar of ABCHC Meetings 2020-2021 Should you wish to attend any of these meetings please contact the Community Health Council on 01633 838516 for further information.

The CHC regularly publishes a Newsletter.

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To access the Summer 2020 newsletter please click on the link below:

Want to know more?

Why not take a look at the Community Health Council website?