CCBC have simplified the ways you can pay your Council Tax

7 March, 2024

Caerphilly County Borough Council have improved the online council tax platform in which residents can use to pay their council tax.

70% of our residents currently pay their council tax by direct debit, and we’ve made this process simpler than it ever has been.

You can now:

  • Set up a direct debit online, hassle free.
  • ​Sign-up up for future paperless billing.

Direct Debit is the easiest and quickest way to pay your council tax. Once the payment has been set up you can put your feet up – you don’t need to do anything else.

You can choose to pay your direct debit when it suits you, from the 5th, 15th or 25th each month or on either 10 or 12 month payment plans to help spread the cost. You can also still pay online, through the phone and at your local post office.

Why should you consider switching to direct debit? There are three reasons:

  • Join the majority - 70% of residents have already begun to receive the benefits of signing up to pay by direct debit.
  • It’s never been easier - For the first time ever, you can now sign-up to make direct debit payments online. No phone calls, no waiting – all you need is your key information and council tax number to get started.
  • Convenience - Say goodbye to the stress of keeping track and make better use of your valuable time.

Set up your Direct Debit now

Follow the instructions using the online form. Before you start you will need:

  • Your Council Tax Number.
  • ​Your Home Address. Your bank details.

You can find your council tax number on your council tax bill. If you have misplaced your council tax bill or need assistance, please give us a call on 01443 863002. If you have previously signed up to direct debit, you don’t need to do anything.

Pre-register for paperless billing

We also encourage you to pre-register to go paperless for future council tax billing.

Your annual bill will still arrive by paper this March – but going forward, by opting for paperless billing, you not only reduce your environmental impact, but you will also gain access to your billing online.

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