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30 September, 2021

We would like to make you aware of a grant currently available to town centre businesses in Caerphilly County Borough – the CEF Transforming Towns Grant. The CEF TRANSFORMING TOWNS (CEFTT) provides targeted financial assistance to new and existing enterprises based in Town Centres within the County Borough.


Eligible Project Expenditure –what type of activity does the CEFTT support?

The following guide includes examples of the type of works and activities that could be supported by the Fund. Each application will be assessed by officers on a case by case basis to determine eligible works. Applicants will be able to apply for assistance towards Capital building works and refurbishment only.


Theme: Business Development & Support (Capital)

Eligible costs:

Property Refurbishment

  • Shopfronts / Frontages
  • Signage
  • Windows and Doors
  • External Lighting
  • Roofs and Chimneys
  • Rainwater Goods
  • Rendering, stone cleaning and repairs, re-pointing
  • Structural Works
  • Windows and Doors
  • Improved Accessibility
  • Walls, ceilings, lighting, flooring
  • Essential refurbishment works (e.g. new office fit-out)
  • Utilities and Services, including heating
  • Welfare facilities (e.g. essential washroom and cleansing facilities)
  • Structural works


Ineligible expenditure includes:

The following items are NOT eligible for assistance from the Fund:

  • Staff Costs;
  • Taxes
  • Equipment
  • Hire Purchase / Lease Purchase
  • Minor Repairs and General Running Costs
  • Contingency Fees
  • Legal and Accounting Fees
  • Costs of applying for statutory consents
  • Works carried out prior to grant offer
  • Any invoices paid for using cash/credit card
  • Working capital costs such as inventory (Stock), rent, rates, admin and/or vehicles
  • Cost of works being carried out as a legal statutory requirement
  • Works carried out on a domestic property, either new build or refurbishment, or extensions/garden rooms/log cabins


The Grant

The grant will be a maximum of 70% of reasonable eligible costs, up to a maximum grant award of £25,000 exclusive of VAT (if applicable). Each application will be considered on the basis of its specific circumstances and subject to grant criteria. All grants are at the discretion of the Council and subject to budget availability. There is a limited allocation of grant funding, which will be allocated on a competitive basis.

For more information and to request an Expression of Interest form, please e-mail

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